Friday, October 24, 2008

Loyal Voters

There was a time when my vote usually went to a Democrat. I seemed to steer clear of referring to myself strictly as a Democrat, but that's usually the way I voted. I was never very comfortable with being labeled as such because subconsciously I knew that I was voting that way due to tradition more than a belief in their platform, with which, I must admit I wasn't familiar. The view that I, and most of my black brothers and sisters held is that the Republican Party does not represent us. I understand why I did and why many do still feel this way, but over the years I have researched and now realize that that belief seems pretty sad. The view of Republicans by many black Americans is that they are rich, white men concerned only about big business. That is a simplification, but pretty much a fair explanation. Though the Republican party may not focus on any particular racial group to obtain their vote, the Democrats certainly do. Is this why most black Americans vote Democrat? This kind of pandering for the black vote seems to reinforce a feeling of victimhood. We, as black people have come through quite a bit in our history here in America. We have overcome a lot, but yes there is still racism. But is that ever going to go away? Throughout all of human history people have liked or disliked certain groups of people based on their race, religious beliefs, etc. This does not give us the corner of the market on discrimination. I am in no way diminishing our plight, but we live in a country that has done a lot to abolish institutional racism. We are free to live and work where we choose, and to work hard to make as little or as much money as possible. It's there for any American citizen willing to put in the extra work and effort to obtain it. I stated previously that the belief about Republicans by many black Americans is sad because it seems to imply that we believe that we are still victims. This feeling is verified when Democrats address our valid frustrations about racism. But is it the same institutional racism that we suffered previously? If you are refused the right to a job or home based on your race can it not be addressed in a legal forum? I know that we face issues of racism often, but is it keeping us from making a living or advancing financially? The Republican's overall behavior in reference to not focusing on a particular racial group is not a bad thing. Didn't we want equality? Didn't we want to be treated like Americans? Should we continue to support a Party that panders to our frustration of dealing with pockets of racism that have no real bearing on our overall success? These questions can be answered honestly, especially from black Americans that identify themselves as Christians.

I would like to make the point that neither of the political parties are perfect, but should we not be voting according to which candidate is more closely aligned with our views as opposed to voting the way we always have? Which party would like to abolish or significantly decrease the number of abortions in this country, and how would God feel about this subject? Which party would allow its citizens the freedom to make a living and earn as much money as they can without interference? Let's look at a few historical facts. The Republican Party was created in 1854 to oppose the Kansas Nebraska Act. This would have allowed the expansion of slavery. It was the Democratic party at their national convention in 1860 that wanted to take a neutral stand on slavery. This separated Northern Democrats from Southern Democrats, which resulted in the election being won by a Republican, Abraham Lincoln. Republicans opposed the expansion of racial slavery and were responsible for abolishing it in this country. It was the Ku Klux Klan that was responsible for the re-emergence of the Democratic Party in the South by preventing former slaves (who were Republican) from voting. During the era between the Civil War and the Depression, the Democratic Party did not consistently stand for anything except the oppression of blacks in America. So why are blacks loyal to the Democratic Party? Besides promises of governmental programs, which again panders to a belief in our victimhood, I don't know why.

More specifically, what is the issue with black Christian voters voting for Barack Obama? They have rationalized their support of him. They wanted so badly to support him that they have swept his bad policies, such as his deplorable voting record on abortion and his obvious associations with radical groups (Islam, anti-American groups) under the rug. Some, out of total and complete stubbornness, pride and dare I say race, have still continued to support this man even after being made aware of these issues. It's one thing if someone agrees with his radical
views on abortion , for example, but most of the people I know do not; but still say they are going to vote for him. Martin Luther King Jr. would be very disappointed. In his "I Have a Dream" speech he said, " I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Are black Americans deciding their vote on the content of character, skin color or a displaced loyalty? Take a listen to this clip and then decide.


  1. I will be honest....I am not voting for president. I do really like Michelle Obama, but not for her politics...I just think she is a really "neat" lady. But we are not voting for First Ladies.

    Transperancy is the problem with race. I agree with Lopez's transperancy doctrine. There is NO white race. I get insulted everytime I have to answer that on a job application. I am of Irish descent.

    "White" was just a way to create divison in this country when the powers that be felt threatened by the poor indentured servants. It worked great, divide the poor and counqur.

    My heart begins to get upset at this issue because of all the lies in our history books.

    Well, I will stop as classes on these subjects in college were just eye opening to truth and how the power eliet caused and perpetuated racisum in America.

  2. I understand your reasons for not voting. My sister is also refusing to vote this election.

    My purpose for voting this year are the issues such as abortion, same sex marriage and our economy.

    I do not want restrictions lifted on abortion, which is what will happen with an Obama administration. He has already said that he will sign the Freedom of Choice Act and I cannot abide that. God created marriage, so man does not get to redefine it. And Socialism has not worked anywhere it has been in place. It is a system that keeps the citizens down so that the elite can remain in power. It is not the government's job to care for its citizens socially. That is the job of the church.


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