Saturday, October 11, 2008

God Bless South Dakota

I ran into a feminist site while doing some research on the South Dakota's abortion ban bill. This site clearly wants to keep abortion legal in South Dakota for any woman at any time and for any reason to end the life of her unborn child. After watching the campaign video, which is clearly making untrue statements about the exceptions the law would allow (the woman in the video would be allowed the right to seek treatment to save both children and the doctor would not be prosecuted if he was unsuccessful in saving the child) I read some of the comments left by pro-abortion advocates and had to post my own comment. This was my response.

I'm quite aware of the fact that my post may not make it to the comments but I felt the need to express my feelings on the subject anyway. I continue to hear about the rights of women and their right to choose. Women have the right to choose many things: where they will live, in what career or job they will work, who they marry, whether or not to have sex and if they do choose to have sex they can choose to whether or not use contraceptives. The problem we face today is that too many women are using abortion as a form of contraceptive. It has to stop!

As far as a woman having the right to choose what to do with her own body, why are they not choosing to abstain to prevent pregnancy? Why are they not choosing to use contraceptives to prevent the pregnancy? Answer, because abortion has been made too readily available for women to eliminate a pregnancy for no other reason than convenience.
The science available to us in 1973 has advanced tremendously these past 35 years. The belief that a child is not viable outside of the mother's womb after a certain number of weeks has been disproven. A child is viable much earlier than we believed in 1973. That is only one example as to why Roe v Wade needs to be re-visited! Not to mention the fact that the 'fetus' was believed to be only a glob of cells. With the advancement of the ultra sound, that too has been disproven. It is for this reason that the pro-abortion crowd refuses to debate the real issue.

What reason do you think that pro-life advocates want abortion overturned? Do you think it is to irritate women? Of course not. It's about the unborn child. What about the unborn child, you may ask? Well, is he/she a human being or not? That is the issue!

To say it's a woman's right to choose whether or not to end a life is as ridiculous as saying a man has a right to choose whether or not he rapes someone. If we were to take that 'right to choose' belief seriously, we could say that men are adults with the intelligence to choose for themselves if they want to force sex on someone who doesn't want it. I personally don't agree with it, but who am I to tell a man what to do with his own body. Now we all know that that would be a ridiculous argument. The reason the argument is ridiculous is because everyone in society agrees that rape is immoral and therefore illegal.

So let's face the real issue here. Are unborn children human beings? Sometimes the authorities say yes and sometimes no. If a person can be charged and sentenced for fetal homicide, than society understands that an unborn child is a human being; but only when it suits them. Why should someone be charged with fetal homicide for ending the life of an unborn child, but the mother is immune to that same prosecution when that same life is extinguished in a doctors office?

Do you realize that there are only 4 differences between the mother or any person on earth and the unborn child. Those differences are his/her size, level of development, environment, and level of dependency. If anyone thinks that's a good enough reason to end a life than we are all in trouble. Oh, wait a second, we are already having to fight for the lives of the elderly and disabled. Maybe it's a direct result of the fact that we value life less than we did before 1973.

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