Sunday, November 2, 2008

On Whose Authority?

I've had recent conversations with close acquaintances and friends who call themselves Christians, and have been asked in not so many words to stop speaking the truth. I have been on this earth but a short time and the one thing I am sure of is that I know nothing. When I speak in a definitive way, it is with authority from the Holy Spirit. I know my Lord and Savior and know what his word teaches. So why do those who claim to love the same God and read from the same book containing His Holy Word have no problem with voting for politicians with liberal views?

As a Christian I only care about the truth. Some truth I don't like to hear and upsets me greatly. Some truths satisfy me and makes me feel content. However, my need to know the truth never waivers. I came to realize that there are some people who do not care very much about truth. I know quite a bit about liberal
ideology because I once held those views. Having the privilege of understanding both sides I also know what it takes to hold on to liberal beliefs; no dissension. Whenever I speak with those who profess to be Christians, you can see their eyes glaze over and feel the wall go up in response to my pointing out the flaw in their liberal views when I 'remind' them of God's Word. They almost always say, in some form or fashion, that they don't want to hear it; and this is from CHRISTIANS! Why is this happening?

Christian and conservative views are being silenced in every way imaginable. The laws being discussed, hate crime legislation and the fairness doctrine for example, are veiled attempts to legally silence Christians. When liberal and conservative views are discussed and/or debated in an open forum, the liberal
ideology usually doesn't fair well; especially if the liberal side is being argued by a believer (or supposed christian) He/she is faced with the realization that 'God said...'. Therefore, he/she must decide whether to hold to God's Word, or deny His Word. Rather than be faced with that option, the best thing to do, in their view, is to silence all dissenters. According to Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel the best way to silence those with a didactic way of thinking and speaking (which is the way God speaks and thinks; black or white) is to mock and ridicule. This explains why we have not seen a true Presidential debate in decades. The opportunity to allow two opponents to speak, and then openly point out the flaws in the others argument either directly or in the form of a question, has been completely abandoned. The motive of the media is to allow the liberal ideas to be presented in a good light without much opposition. This would not be a problem if the people of this nation, especially those claiming to be Christians, stood on the rock of truth; God's Word, because they'd be able to see through the fallacies.

We have been deliberately dumbed down in the public schools so that we will be unable to think critically. The training in public schools today is to teach students how to retain sources of information; to remember facts. This may seem to be helpful when learning a particular subject in school, but the purpose of it is to move students from critical thinking to a place where one would accept what is being told to him/her; first by our teachers in order to get that passing grade, then by the media and politicians. Some say that this way of thinking is taught to children in religious homes because the children in these homes are being brought up to accept what the parents are teaching. First of all, most parents love their children and want what is best for them in ways that teachers, media and politicians never could. Secondly, I cannot speak for other 'religions', but Christianity is entirely different.

Because Christianity is God's way of reaching man, this can only be done on an individual basis. Each individual person must accept God's truth. This cannot be forced upon anyone, child or not. Children can be taught His Word, but in the end, the decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior must be made by that child at some point. This cannot be feigned. However, the child being taught in a Christian mindset is being given an moral foundation and being taught in a didactic method. They learn and understand that there are absolutes in life. This way of thinking is applied in every part of life and important decisions are made with confidence and assurance. This also leads to the acceptance of the consequences of ones actions.
Our manner of speech in this country was, at one time, didactic. It is now dialectic. We must dialogue with those with opposing views in order to come to a consensus. This can be seen in political correctness. In order to 'get along' with others (accountability to man) one must give up some of their beliefs in the absolute (accountability to higher authority) This makes one's speech always changing and fluctuating; which makes one's beliefs changing and fluctuating. Malachi 3:6 reads, "For I am the LORD, I change not;" His laws have not changed, but man argues or dialogues as if they have. They have not! To remain in didactic speech, one must hold to views that come from a higher authority. Marxism, secular humanism, atheism, liberalism, and the like, have worked systematically to remove accountability to a higher authority. If one holds to their accountability to God, our society, which is moving further to the left, mocks and ridicules those holding to their beliefs in order to discredit or negate those views. It is working, because even professing christians are accepting what is being told to them by politicians and the media. They are even accepting mans interpretation of God's Word rather than diligently reading and studying it for themselves. And in order to get along with the rest of society, those who profess to be Christians remain silent in the midst of unrighteousness.

According to a study done by the Barna Group in 2004, only half of the 601 Senior Pastors surveyed nationwide have a Biblical Worldview. On the Barna web site it reads, "
Barna discovered that the percentage of adults holding a biblical worldview has remained minimal and unchanged over the past three years, despite the widespread public debate about moral issues and the efforts of thousands of churches to enhance people’s moral convictions. Currently, only 5% of adults have a biblical worldview. The percentage varies among faith groups. About half of all evangelicals have such a perspective. Overall, 8% of Protestants possess that view, compared to less than one-half of one percent of Catholics." This is a direct result of the flock's inability to get the spiritual guidance needed from Pastors as well as the media and politicians forcing liberalism down the throats of American citizens and dialectic speech that encourages dialoging moral laws.

The censorship is well underway. The next step is persecution. This will be accomplished with the help of the apostate church which has begun its transition from accountability to God to accountability to man. These same 'supposed christians' sit in a synagogue every Sunday, but then use their words in an attempt to justify why abortion, socialism, same-sex marriage and mercy killing are okay. Those who believe that we are under the authority of God must realize that our country is in the condition it is in because we have abandoned His Word and are now under the judgment of God and it is only when the Church repents that we will get a real bailout.

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