Friday, October 24, 2008

Loyal Voters

There was a time when my vote usually went to a Democrat. I seemed to steer clear of referring to myself strictly as a Democrat, but that's usually the way I voted. I was never very comfortable with being labeled as such because subconsciously I knew that I was voting that way due to tradition more than a belief in their platform, with which, I must admit I wasn't familiar. The view that I, and most of my black brothers and sisters held is that the Republican Party does not represent us. I understand why I did and why many do still feel this way, but over the years I have researched and now realize that that belief seems pretty sad. The view of Republicans by many black Americans is that they are rich, white men concerned only about big business. That is a simplification, but pretty much a fair explanation. Though the Republican party may not focus on any particular racial group to obtain their vote, the Democrats certainly do. Is this why most black Americans vote Democrat? This kind of pandering for the black vote seems to reinforce a feeling of victimhood. We, as black people have come through quite a bit in our history here in America. We have overcome a lot, but yes there is still racism. But is that ever going to go away? Throughout all of human history people have liked or disliked certain groups of people based on their race, religious beliefs, etc. This does not give us the corner of the market on discrimination. I am in no way diminishing our plight, but we live in a country that has done a lot to abolish institutional racism. We are free to live and work where we choose, and to work hard to make as little or as much money as possible. It's there for any American citizen willing to put in the extra work and effort to obtain it. I stated previously that the belief about Republicans by many black Americans is sad because it seems to imply that we believe that we are still victims. This feeling is verified when Democrats address our valid frustrations about racism. But is it the same institutional racism that we suffered previously? If you are refused the right to a job or home based on your race can it not be addressed in a legal forum? I know that we face issues of racism often, but is it keeping us from making a living or advancing financially? The Republican's overall behavior in reference to not focusing on a particular racial group is not a bad thing. Didn't we want equality? Didn't we want to be treated like Americans? Should we continue to support a Party that panders to our frustration of dealing with pockets of racism that have no real bearing on our overall success? These questions can be answered honestly, especially from black Americans that identify themselves as Christians.

I would like to make the point that neither of the political parties are perfect, but should we not be voting according to which candidate is more closely aligned with our views as opposed to voting the way we always have? Which party would like to abolish or significantly decrease the number of abortions in this country, and how would God feel about this subject? Which party would allow its citizens the freedom to make a living and earn as much money as they can without interference? Let's look at a few historical facts. The Republican Party was created in 1854 to oppose the Kansas Nebraska Act. This would have allowed the expansion of slavery. It was the Democratic party at their national convention in 1860 that wanted to take a neutral stand on slavery. This separated Northern Democrats from Southern Democrats, which resulted in the election being won by a Republican, Abraham Lincoln. Republicans opposed the expansion of racial slavery and were responsible for abolishing it in this country. It was the Ku Klux Klan that was responsible for the re-emergence of the Democratic Party in the South by preventing former slaves (who were Republican) from voting. During the era between the Civil War and the Depression, the Democratic Party did not consistently stand for anything except the oppression of blacks in America. So why are blacks loyal to the Democratic Party? Besides promises of governmental programs, which again panders to a belief in our victimhood, I don't know why.

More specifically, what is the issue with black Christian voters voting for Barack Obama? They have rationalized their support of him. They wanted so badly to support him that they have swept his bad policies, such as his deplorable voting record on abortion and his obvious associations with radical groups (Islam, anti-American groups) under the rug. Some, out of total and complete stubbornness, pride and dare I say race, have still continued to support this man even after being made aware of these issues. It's one thing if someone agrees with his radical
views on abortion , for example, but most of the people I know do not; but still say they are going to vote for him. Martin Luther King Jr. would be very disappointed. In his "I Have a Dream" speech he said, " I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Are black Americans deciding their vote on the content of character, skin color or a displaced loyalty? Take a listen to this clip and then decide.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Attack on America

In my futile attempts to convince some of the reasons why we do not need more entitlement programs and bigger government, I've come to accept the fact that many in this generation have lost their way. Our only hope is for those of us who know and understand that there is a spiritual war taking place, to teach this generation of young people the truth. It is no accident that the government schools have begun teaching values to American children that are in direct opposition of the parent's beliefs while deliberately not teaching the history of this country. Please take the time to watch this entire video interview which was conducted approximately 25 years ago . Yuri Bezmenov was a former Soviet Communist. This may help some, who were unaware, understand what has actually been taking place in this country.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Nation Under God

We seem to be in constant debate as to whether or not this nation was formed under Biblical principles. I would like for people to consider the fact that America has had the same government in place for over 200 years. That is no small feat. No other nation in all of human history has had a governmental system in place for this length of time. Is that enough to make a person wonder why that is? There are very many countries in the world, and many Americans espouse the politically correct, cultural belief that they are all equal. Holding this belief, for many, makes them feel as if they are expressing tolerance and fairness. In some cases, holding that belief is not enough. It is sometimes necessary, for some, to not only believe that other cultures are equal in moral standing, but that America is immoral.

America definitely has things in its past history that can be considered ugly and unjust; every nation does. But does the good outweigh the bad? Freedom; the word is so important yet is meaningless to those who don't understand how we obtained it which also means they don't know how to maintain it. I do have very strong beliefs as to what belief system is responsible for our foundation as a nation. It is very interesting that even before I became a Christian I believed that the foundation of the US Constitution was Christianity. I thought it was common knowledge. Those who believe otherwise fall into different categories but two of them are those who wish to remove the knowledge of our Christian foundation and those who have been taught that there was no Christian foundation to this country. The former's motive is somewhat malicious, to say the least, but the latter may not be. If we are to " the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..." then maybe it's time for the latter group to take the time to actively learn the true history of the founding of the United States of America.

I won't be here on this earth forever and I'm not sure that America will wake up to the truth in my lifetime, but I sure take seriously the fact that we should be securing the Blessings of Liberty to our Posterity and I would sure hate to think that my children and grandchildren will have even less freedom than we have today. It's not only possible, but it's happening because we have less freedom today than our grandparents did. Do you think that some of our ancestors would be shocked at the fact that our children are not allowed to pray in school? We used to be able to pray in school and in a public setting. Why not anymore? If the founders opened with prayer every time Congress was in session and Congress still to this day opens with prayer, isn't it obvious that it was never the intention to remove the Christian worldview from government? Why do our coins read, "In God We Trust"? Those who misuse the phrase "Separation of Church and State" (which is not in the Constitution and has no real
legal standing) and wish to have those words removed cannot explain why those words were put on our coins in the first place.

American citizens have become victims of the Boiling Frog Syndrome. The syndrome is as follows: If you place a frog in a pot of boiling hot water the frog will, of course try to immediately jump out of the pot. But if you place the frog in a pot of cool water and turn on the fire under the pot, as the temperature rises the frog will drift into a relaxed state as if in a warm bath. Before long the frog will boil to death. The gradual increase goes unnoticed by the frog. Has the gradual increase in governmental control gone unnoticed by American citizens? For most, yes. We have allowed breaches from our government that would have been met with armed resistance 100 years ago. The federal government is constantly conducting activities that are not authorized in our Constitution and we, as a whole, have remained silent. We are being led like sheep to slaughter and most are unaware because their focus is on things they believe to be rights, but are not. While we're fighting against or for homosexual marriage our money is
deliberately being debased for the purpose of destroying the American economy. While so many are focusing on abortion, farmers in this country are being paid by our government to not grow crops. This will soon lead to a deliberate food shortage. So when this country ends up looking more like a third world country with no money and very little food, those who push for these social/moral issues can take comfort in knowing that homosexuals can get married and the 13 year old girl next door has the right to abort her baby without her parents knowledge. These issues are important, but would not be issues of such enourmity if we as citizens remained focused on keeping the governmental system in check.

Are we still One Nation Under God? Maybe not. Can we get back there again? I sure hope so, because citizens that are one nation under God would do a much better job of prioritizing to ensure that their posterity will live in a nation that recognizes their unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Senator Jim DeMint opposes Bailout

Sunday, October 12, 2008

God Bless South Dakota (2)

I received a very thoughtful response to my post on the feminist web site about abortion. I am posting here to invoke further discussion for those who wish to participate. Her response was in 2 parts and is as follows:

(First response)

KrlyQ, don't be scared to post an opposing viewpoint, as long as you are polite and respectful about it. :)

I'm lazy, so I'm going to respond to a few of your points in point form.

Most women who choose abortion DO use other forms of birth control - but no method is 100% effective.

If abortion was made illegal, women would not be "irritated" - many would be in danger. In danger of death or lifelong illness/disability, in danger of being unable to support themselves and their child, in danger of being forced to stay with an abusive partner, etc, etc.

And absolutely men have a right to choose whether or not to rape people - choosing to be a rapist is a personal choice. Of course, I have no respect for rapists (or anyone who chooses to harm another human being) and it has negative consequences for many people (the people he rapes obviously, and himself if he is caught and arrested) but it's still his choice.

I differ from you on just one thing - I don't believe that an embryo/fetus can be a full fledged human (with all of the rights that all other humans are entitled to). I don't see how it is logistically possible for a fetus and a woman to both be human beings with equal rights AND inhabit the same body. One of them has to be more important than the other. If a woman has a difficult pregnancy and she chooses to abort for that reason (or because she is unable to support a child or because she just doesn't want to be pregnant for whatever reason), that is because her health is more important than her unborn child's. If a woman must continue a pregnancy no matter what (because killing her unborn child is immoral) then the fetus is more important.

Bottom line, I value the lives of born people more than the lives of the unborn.

(second response)

Okay, actually maybe I differ from you on another thing too.

I don't know if you've ever been pregnant before (if you have, you probably know what I'm talking about here), but I have been, twice. Both times it ended in a miscarriage (unfortunately), but I have experienced pregnancy and let me tell you, it is no picnic. It changed my life DRAMATICALLY. I actually had to quit my (very physical) job the first time because it was too painful for me. My boyfriend broke up with me, because my personality changed so dramatically during my pregnancy (as a result of all the crazy-inducing hormones). After the second, my bladder control will never be the same again.

A pregnancy, even a relatively normal/easy one, is not just a minor inconvenience. It changes you, not just temporarily. I want to get pregnant again and have children eventually, but I sure as heck wouldn't wish that on anyone who wasn't 100% into it.

(Note: I am an average, healthy young woman. I haven't got any special health issues that would potentially cause issues for me during pregnancy, other than a streak of bad luck. And if I had such bad luck, how about the women who are less fortunate than me? (Older, unhealthy, etc women.)

Here is my response:

(user name), thank you for your considerate response. I agree that when 2 or more people disagree on an issue as important as abortion and they choose to discuss/debate on these types of forums, politeness and respect are essential.

As far as your comment about women being in danger if abortion was illegal; I'm sorry to say but that is an untrue statement. This is one of many statements that have been repeated so often and for so many years that the general public believes it to be true, but it is not. I've read confessions from Dr. Bernard Nathanson over the years and he explains how he knew that in order to gain more favorable support for abortion they would have to lead people to believe that women were dying from unsafe abortions. He admits that the information given at that time were flat out lies. I will be adding a web address on my blog where you can read some of what he had to say on this subject.

Your reference to the man's choice to rape is 100% true, but please keep in mind that EVERYONE has a choice whether or not he/she will commit a crime against another human being. The point is that we as a society agree that it is wrong and expect our government officials (police officers) to make the arrest and for additional government officials (court) to prosecute and sentence that man for that crime. We would never allow a rapist to go free and allow him to continue to rape under the banner of 'pro-choice'.

You mention the life of the mother being more important than the life of the unborn baby. The ban, from what I've read would cover the circumstance of the mother's life, if her life was in jeopardy. That is one of the reasons that the act of abortion was perfected. The way it is being used now is an abuse of that practice.

Thank you for addressing the real issue. The fact that the child inhabits the same body is the environment to which I referred in my previous post. If you have a few moments, I would be happy to explain what I meant more thoroughly:

The only differences between you (or me) and an unborn child is size, level of dependency, environment and development. We have never met face to face, but I'm sure it's safe to say that you are much smaller in size than Shaquille O'Neal. Are you of lesser value as a human being than he because you are smaller in size? Of course not. The level of dependency of an unborn child is great, but it will remain so for a very long time even after the child is born. My son is 20 years old. He is in the Army now, but he still lived with me at the ripe old age of 19 and his level of dependency was still fairly significant. My mother is wheelchair bound, diabetic with neuropathy and on dialysis 3 times a week. Her level of dependency is great because she needs and depends on her insulin and dialysis in order to live. Was my son less of a human being because his level of dependency on me was so vast? Is my mother worth less too because of her level of dependency? Is my son's life worth more than my mother's because her level of dependency is greater than my son's? I'm sure we will agree that the answer is no.

We have freedoms in this country about which people in other countries can only dream. One reason is because the founders of this country recognized that our rights come from our Creator. Most other countries do not recognize that truth, but the fact is that it is a truth whether they recognize it or not. You are of great value and of great worth because you were made in the image of God. If you move to a country that does not acknowledge that fact, do you become worth less as a human being? Your environment changed, but your worth did not. Why do we think that 6 inches, the average length of the birth canal, makes the difference in the child's worth as a human being? Then there is development. An infant is much less developed than a 3 year old; a 3 year old is much less developed than a 15 year old; a 15 year old is less developed than a 50 year old. If we continue to base our decisions of human worth on these factors, we will continue to have to argue whether or not we should have the 'choice' of euthanizing our elderly and disabled. Which is one of the arguments given during the debating of Roe v Wade. Scoffers, or supporters of abortion rights said that would never happen; and yet here we are...

We are facing the social battles in this country because we are devaluing life and have been doing so for 35 years. It has affected the way children value life, which explains that vast number of school shootings in this country and it has affected our treatment of the elderly and disabled as well. Making abortion illegal for convenience will force people to make better choices BEFORE the pregnancy which will hopefully make people realize once again how ALL life if precious and of great value.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

God Bless South Dakota

I ran into a feminist site while doing some research on the South Dakota's abortion ban bill. This site clearly wants to keep abortion legal in South Dakota for any woman at any time and for any reason to end the life of her unborn child. After watching the campaign video, which is clearly making untrue statements about the exceptions the law would allow (the woman in the video would be allowed the right to seek treatment to save both children and the doctor would not be prosecuted if he was unsuccessful in saving the child) I read some of the comments left by pro-abortion advocates and had to post my own comment. This was my response.

I'm quite aware of the fact that my post may not make it to the comments but I felt the need to express my feelings on the subject anyway. I continue to hear about the rights of women and their right to choose. Women have the right to choose many things: where they will live, in what career or job they will work, who they marry, whether or not to have sex and if they do choose to have sex they can choose to whether or not use contraceptives. The problem we face today is that too many women are using abortion as a form of contraceptive. It has to stop!

As far as a woman having the right to choose what to do with her own body, why are they not choosing to abstain to prevent pregnancy? Why are they not choosing to use contraceptives to prevent the pregnancy? Answer, because abortion has been made too readily available for women to eliminate a pregnancy for no other reason than convenience.
The science available to us in 1973 has advanced tremendously these past 35 years. The belief that a child is not viable outside of the mother's womb after a certain number of weeks has been disproven. A child is viable much earlier than we believed in 1973. That is only one example as to why Roe v Wade needs to be re-visited! Not to mention the fact that the 'fetus' was believed to be only a glob of cells. With the advancement of the ultra sound, that too has been disproven. It is for this reason that the pro-abortion crowd refuses to debate the real issue.

What reason do you think that pro-life advocates want abortion overturned? Do you think it is to irritate women? Of course not. It's about the unborn child. What about the unborn child, you may ask? Well, is he/she a human being or not? That is the issue!

To say it's a woman's right to choose whether or not to end a life is as ridiculous as saying a man has a right to choose whether or not he rapes someone. If we were to take that 'right to choose' belief seriously, we could say that men are adults with the intelligence to choose for themselves if they want to force sex on someone who doesn't want it. I personally don't agree with it, but who am I to tell a man what to do with his own body. Now we all know that that would be a ridiculous argument. The reason the argument is ridiculous is because everyone in society agrees that rape is immoral and therefore illegal.

So let's face the real issue here. Are unborn children human beings? Sometimes the authorities say yes and sometimes no. If a person can be charged and sentenced for fetal homicide, than society understands that an unborn child is a human being; but only when it suits them. Why should someone be charged with fetal homicide for ending the life of an unborn child, but the mother is immune to that same prosecution when that same life is extinguished in a doctors office?

Do you realize that there are only 4 differences between the mother or any person on earth and the unborn child. Those differences are his/her size, level of development, environment, and level of dependency. If anyone thinks that's a good enough reason to end a life than we are all in trouble. Oh, wait a second, we are already having to fight for the lives of the elderly and disabled. Maybe it's a direct result of the fact that we value life less than we did before 1973.

McCain and the American Economy

This is more proof that Senator John McCain was speaking out against the bad business practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Here is a copy of the letter written to Congress in reference to the Fannie/Freddie situation. Notice that Barack Obama's signature is not on the letter; neither is any Democrat. John McCain's signature is the second on the left.

2006 McCain Letter

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Knowing Our Form of Government

A few months ago I asked several friends via e-mail if we live in a Democracy, and I was surprised and a little saddened by the answers I received. I have a great bunch of friends, and they are as normal as every other citizen in this great nation of ours. The majority of responses I received was in the affirmative. This , unfortunately, is the normal response received from the average American. My understanding that we live in a
Constitutional Republic (rule by law) and not a Democracy (mob rule) was the beginning of my desire to learn the true history of the founding of this country.
I intend to open a school in order to teach our youth the things that the public schools have stopped teaching. Our nation's history and our Constitution are just two of the subjects in which the government schools have discontinued in our children's curriculum. This was no oversight on their part. Once I began reading about the life of John Dewey and understanding his worldview, I realized that our schools were targeted for destruction more than 100 years ago. John Dewey was not alone in his beliefs and actions in destroying traditional learning. The book
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt gives a detailed time line of the process that took place to reach the goal of removing the history of this country and its religious foundation from the hearts and minds of its citizens. These organizations realized that the best way to achieve that goal is to target the children.
An educated populace cannot be enslaved. Which is why, for example, it was illegal for black slaves in this country to learn to read. As long as we remain unaware of what was intended in the language of our Constitution, we will fall for anything that is told to us by a liberal media, politicians, judges, etc. It is not impossible to learn about this country's history in order to remind ourselves of how this country was intended to operate, because the writing of the founders is available to anyone willing to read them. Their writings help to clarify their intent when putting together the Constitution. Sadly, this research doesn't happen often enough. The attack on education in our government schools has lead to an intellectual laziness. So the founder's writings sit on the shelves of almost every library in America collecting dust.
With the next Presidential election right around the corner, it becomes more obvious that most American citizens have no principles on which to base their vote. Let those of us who are aware teach our children, friends and family members so that we will all understand and be aware of the concept spoken of by Patrick Henry;
"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Second Reply to YouTube Member

“Don't send me a blog if you have something to to me directly.

The problem is that you can't defend your position by have to get on a blog to do it.


I started with this comment to set the tone of this response. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t “send” a blog. I sent you the address to My blog to read MY response. I defended my position MYSELF. It’s my blog. I publish whatever post I want. The whole thing was my response to you. You apparently have a problem understanding many things because I explained why I posted MY response on MY blog. The explanation was given in my blog post and in the response I sent to you on YouTube.

"What in the world do your questions have to do with anything?"
Everything! Maybe you didn’t answer because you don’t know the answers to those questions. This just shows that you don’t have any idea that what liberals are pushing is a continuation of our loss of freedom in this country. If you refused to answer, it shows basically the same thing; that you don’t understand that we have lost many of our freedoms and that we should be fighting to keep the few freedoms we have left. A person’s decisions are no better than the information he has to make them. So many liberals are shouting about things that don’t make a difference and are too stupid to realize that we are becoming slaves to the government here in this country. The policies the Democrats are trying to implement will take even more of those freedoms away. The government should be working for us and they are not doing that. Liberals don’t stand up for what’s right because they don’t even know what is right! Your inability or refusal to answer those questions shows that. I mentioned previously that it would be a good idea to learn about the history of the founding of this country, its economy and banking practices. If you do that, you’ll see that what’s being thrust on us is unconstitutional and not beneficial to the average citizen.
“Of course no one in the country is happy with this government. It has failed us on every level.”
Learn why that is and do something about it. (The failures are numerous, but the worse of them are that this government has gotten too big. The Federal government has no right to dictate laws to each state. The only time they need to be involved, usually, is if a state case makes it to the Federal courts for rulings of Constitutionality) Continuing to vote for people who do not have the best interest of the American people in mind will not change anything. For example, a person’s view on life and the value of life will tell you almost all you need to know about a candidate. Obama’s refusal to support the Born Alive Infant Protection Act tells me a lot about him. How in the hell is anyone stupid enough to believe that he cares about American citizens when he doesn’t give a damn about an innocent life? Do you think he cares about your well being? His votes show otherwise. Again, check his voting record.

“I have a degree in Economics…”
Meaningless. You have a degree received from a corrupt system about a corrupt system. I only care about getting back to the economic system we had originally. It’s not impossible. However it will be difficult because so many people don’t know what a good economic system even looks like.

“...and I have never learned in any of my studies that an economy must have debt so high and that being a FIAT economy makes it ok.”
One word; WHAT??! I’ll re-write what I wrote previously. Our economy: It is in shambles because we are a DEBT SOCIETY and are on a FIAT money system. That’s what’s wrong with the system. Who said a fiat money system is ok? It’s not ok; it’s death to an economy. Throughout history every nation that has been on a fiat money system has collapsed. If you knew who was responsible for, and who coins our money, you would understand this concept and would have understood what I wrote the first time you read it.

“I don't appreciate the bailout, as a matter of fact, I think the companies should just go under.”
That is the one thing on which we agree completely!

“What is occuring right now is the reason we cannot have a totally free economy. There needs to be government oversight.”
I agree with most of that statement as well. (except I said government needs to stay out of the ‘free market’) However, the government needs to be involved in so far as justice is concerned. Those in corporations who continually use bad business practices should be prosecuted and locked up because what they are doing amounts to theft!
“Don't twist the word of God to support your foolishness”

Considering that I made general statements to the fact that there is a Biblical answer for how our economy should operate, and general statements on a person’s view of life, stating that I was twisting the Word of God is a reflection of your ignorance of God’s Word not mine. This type of response is usually given when a person does not want to think about the fact that God has an expectation of us and we are not meeting that expectation; or the person has no belief in God. I did state previously, “I'm unsure as to what your belief system is…” and to write that I should not “…twist the Word of God” implies that you have some type of belief system. So it would be much appreciated if you would state what was inaccurate? Please do! You’re candidate, however, ALWAYS misquotes the Bible. He completely misquoted Matthew 25:45 during the Saddleback Church Civil Forum when Pastor Rick Warren asked him about the country’s greatest moral failure. That’s just one example; there are plenty of others. As a side note to his misquote, he is pushing his socialist’s beliefs stating that we should do for the “least of these”. Aren’t innocent babies the least of these? That’s double mindedness; the Bible speaks about that, too. I guess it’s ok for Mr. Obama to twist the Word of God to support his foolishness?
“None of what you wrote made any sense…”

I sent my previous response via e-mail to my business class and business professor, co-workers and friends on the East Coast and Alaska. No one else had a problem understanding what I wrote. Agree or disagree, they had no problem understanding it. Maybe I should use smaller words in my responses to you.

“…nor did you use any economic terms to supports your claims”

What does that have to do with anything? I don’t have to be an expert in something to know whether it's right or wrong. I don’t have to use medical terms to know that abortion is wrong and to speak out against it, and I don’t have to use economic terms to know that the economic system we have is wrong and to speak out against that. (Another example of liberals putting the focus on everything but the issues) The issue was his economic views (socialism) not my linguistics on economy. Bush has been in office for two terms, and for the record I didn’t vote for him either time. I vote according to the views of the candidates. Being unhappy with the Bush administration is not a good enough reason for me to vote for Obama. I’ve researched what he’s done as a Senator and listen to what he says he’ll do as President; and I don’t like it. The way to turn this country around is for citizens to pay closer attention to and vote in their local elections. It is because most people don’t understand that fact that we have two poor choices for President. We citizens unleashed these two horrible Presidential candidates onto the American people. When we begin to make better voting choices locally, we’ll have better options federally. For most of my life I believed myself to be a Democrat. I studied for quite some time with the Nation of Islam in a study group in my home town until I learned the truth of God’s Word. I have been a black person that holds a lot of the same beliefs that you do. So even though I don't agree with your views, I understand them. Hopefully, at some point in time you may take steps to try to 'understand' mine.

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