Monday, September 29, 2008

Reply to YouTube Member

I am taking this time to respond to an e-mail I received from a YouTube member. I was a little taken aback by this e-mail; not by its content, but what prompted the e-mail. The sender did not make reference to which comment or post he/she had an issue. However, I felt the need to address the e-mail and the specific points made. The sender's e-mail is as follows:

You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

You call yourself a black woman sending this foolishness around?

Any black person who votes Republican is a fool. Don't you know that the Republican Party does not represent you? The policies of the Republican Party (Bush and ultimately McCain since he voted with Bush 90% of the time) are the reason our economy is in shambles.

Do I have to remind you that each and every time a Republican was in office, when he left our economy was destroyed (high unemployment, high gas prices, high inflation). Yet you have the nerve to send around the lies that the Republican party spreads?

What in the world do you care about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for? You don't even own a home!!! Nor do you have a car to fill up for gas...and you won't any time soon because of your Republican friends you will not be able to get the loans in order to buy these things.

You are the one who needs to wake up hun!

Why don't you stop sending around emails where you can't support your arguments and start reading for yourself. If you can't support it, DON'T SEND IT!

I began to send the response in the same venue in which it was submitted to me, but realized that it was too long. I thought it better to share my response here in order to make my point as fully as possible and to get feedback from others. Here is my response.

"You call yourself a black woman sending this foolishness around?"

I have no allegiance to any group of people; be it Republican, Democrat or black people. I have an allegiance to God first and foremost. I was a black woman when I believed myself to be a Democrat and will remain a black woman until the day I die; irregardless of my beliefs. A belief system or world view doesn't determine my sex or race! When I stand before God on judgment day I will not be judged on whether I'm a Republican, Democrat or black woman. I will be judged as an individual child of Christ; not in a group.

"Do I have to remind you that each and every time a Republican was in office, when he left our economy was destroyed (high unemployment, high gas prices, high inflation)." A direct quote from you if I'm not mistaken. But then you actually took the time to write this:

"Why don't you stop sending around emails where you can't support your arguments and start reading for yourself. If you can't support it, DON'T SEND IT!" Where is YOUR support in that statement? Which Republican left our economy destroyed? What was the unemployment before and after he was in office?

As a black woman, I WAS a Democrat, and I too was confused by black Republicans and had the same views as most of my black friends and family (although the truth of the matter is I'm a Christian not a Republican) until I began educating myself and understanding several key points; The Constitution: It is a settled document. We should be asking how to interpret it. How was it intended by the Founders? As opposed to Democrats who think it is a living document and changes with the times and according to the pulse of the society. Our economy: It is in shambles because we are a DEBT SOCIETY and are on a FIAT money system. The Founders were very clear that the government should stay out of the free market. There is much that can be said about these things but cannot be addressed fully in an e-mail or on this forum in one sitting. It's not a cop-out, it's just that these are things that should have been taught to you (and me) in school, but deliberately weren't. You will have to do what I did and study the history of this country, its economy and banking practices. And learn, according to God's Word what a Christian economic system looks like. This will help you to understand that the government’s job is to protect its citizens from enemies both foreign and domestic; that’s it!!. The Democrats wanting to increase the size of government with entitlement programs is not the foundation on which this country was based and not how our country should run, and it will be detrimental to us all.

You, Sir or Ma'am, should do some research outside of the rhetoric passed on by the liberal media. This is not meant to insult but to inform; here is why:

"What in the world do you care about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for? You don't even own a home!!!"

Are you for real? Are you aware that the re-payment of a $700 billion bail-out will come from the taxpayers? I'm an American taxpayer and I care about where my money goes. I may not own a home, (anymore; I did own rental property previously) but I had better be a good steward of what finances God has given me and pay attention to where my money is going so I won’t be homeless!! I don't appreciate having to come out of my pocket to bail out Mortgage companies and/or banks who've made bad loans. It's called accountability! Each company and every individual citizen should be responsible for their own finances. Forcing me to pay to bail out companies or individuals who are not accountable for their own financial situations is Socialism! If Mr. Obama, or the other liberal Dems like that system of government there are plenty of other places in the world that live under that system. I'm sure they all would be welcomed with open arms. I won't accept them trying to turn this country into that type of government.

"You don't even own a home!!! Nor do you have a car to fill up for gas...and you won't any time soon because of your Republican friends you will not be able to get the loans in order to buy these things."

Excuse me, who in the world wants a loan? People in this country who lived approximately 2 generations before us were much wealthier than our current generation because they didn't live off of debt. This is man's failure to act responsibly in his own long term self interests. See how the first thing you thought to mention was getting a loan!!?? That way of thinking is what is wrong with our economy!! We no longer have a long term view in this country. We, as a people, have become unwilling to delay gratification. I intend to make money in the free market, which is something that this country encouraged. If I'm allowed to do that in the governmental system that we are supposed to have (small government) I won't need a damn loan! Democratic/liberal ideals are too dependent on the government!! I understand that a capitalistic system is based upon the willingness to save from the past, (delay gratification) through the present for investment in the future. What we are doing now is borrowing from the future by mortgaging the past to consume in the present. THAT’S DEBT! And that’s what’s wrong with our economy.

"Do I have to remind you that each and every time a Republican was in office, when he left our economy was destroyed (high unemployment, high gas prices, high inflation)"

Do you know what inflation is or what causes it? Plainly stated it is the increasing of the money supply into our economy. The more paper money put into circulation the less value it has; so if you used to pay $1.00 for an item and the nation is flooded with more worthless paper, it now takes $2.00 to purchase that same item because the paper has less value! That has nothing to do with the Republicans; or Democrats for that matter. The only thing a President can do to the economy directly is raise or lower taxes. Let's look at that, too, shall we.

Mr. Obama, who does not respect America or its patriotic symbols (no flag pin, removing the American flag from his airplane) calls himself a citizen of the world, and wants to put a GLOBAL TAX on us. It is called the 'Global Poverty Act; Bill # S.2433. So understand that the one thing he can do to directly affect the economy, he will do; raise taxes. This will be done for the beneifit of other nations! He is in the position that he is in (financially wealthy, a civil servant and a Presidential candidate) because he is an American citizen, not a world citizen. And if he cannot show the respect he should for that fact, and represent this country with pride, and make the citizens of this country feel safe by knowing for a FACT that he will defend it with his life then he need not run for President.

The nuts and bolts of my beliefs come from the Word of God. I'm unsure as to what your belief system is but mine is a deep rooted Biblical Worldview. I will not vote for a man who sees nothing wrong with infanticide!! His vote on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act verifies that fact. I will not vote for a man that will push legislation that will silence Christians in this country (Fairness Doctrine; Hate Crime Legislation, just to name a few) (He has voted in favor of those things as well. Check his voting record; I have!) I will not vote for a man who has socialist views and wants to push them onto the American people!! Entitlement programs only foster class envy and punishes people who worked hard to obtain their wealth. It's the government taking from the rich to give to the poor. I want the opportunity to obtain wealth from my own hard work, without worrying whether my own government will punish me for having done so. I don't want to pay to support abortion, or those who are financially irresponsible. Thomas Jefferson once said, "To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."

I have some support in reference to the rhetoric that gets passed around by the liberal media that our dumbed down populace eats up! (The ability to regurgitate the lies of the media reflects a lack of intelligence) I checked the National Taxpayers Union web site a year ago, and found this: "Who Pays Income Taxes? See Who Pays What". And do you know what I found? I found that the lie that most people believe, which is that Republicans give tax breaks to the rich is CATEGORICALLY UNTRUE! In the past 8 years, the 1% of the population that is classified as rich has gone from paying 30% of the total income tax collected in this country to paying almost 40% of the totall income tax collected in this country. Meaning that 1% of the population is paying almost half of all income tax collected in this country. The amount they pay has increased during a Republican administration, but you don't hear about that from the left! And since there is a large number of the population that pays NO income tax, that is the 1% supporting that large number; more Socialism. Don't believe me; check it out for yourself.

None of what Obama calls change is Biblical; it is in direct opposition to God's Word. Do you know why this was the wealthiest nation in the world? This particular phrase should sum it up for you; if you get it, great; if not, then I'm very sorry for you. "The greatest good for the greatest number comes when people are allowed to operate most freely as they go about the pursuit of their own self interests as perceived by themselves; and that those nations which sponsor and encourage that idea, create wealth. Those nations who don’t, don’t." … Adam Smith (“Wealth of Nations” - 1776) When God's system of economics is not installed, the bond slave always persecutes and tries to enslave the free man.

I'll end with something I heard from R.E. McMaster when he spoke at a Presbyterian church. He spoke of the sources of wealth. One of those sources is the specialization and division of labor leading to trade. He said,
Wouldn’t it be nice if you were economically self sufficient enough to follow that God given calling; that area of interest, or develop that talent that you have always wanted to develop all of these years? It’s in your heart and you know that you can do it well; if you just had the resources and the time to do it. In an honest Christian economic system that’s what all of us would be doing; the emphasis would be on the individual and finding the talent and the psychological profile with regard to areas of interest and development that should be personalized with regard to that individual rather than making him a mass-man in the socialistic sense. When each of us does what we do best and produce a good or service that benefits our fellow man do you know what that creates? Greater interdependence. Do you know what that means? It means we each need each other more; and that creates more peace and more prosperity and more harmony."

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